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Anyone know where the electrical entrance is on the Crown Epic?  I'm trying to figure out how long I need to run from my disconnect box to the tub.

The knock-out from the factory is usually on the front left hand corner.  Left hand side if you were standing in front of the spa on the control panel side.  I would wait until the spa arrived to run the line from your GFCI disconnect in to the spa.

I just got my Epic on Tues. The inlet is on the left front corner. You could drill another hole if you wanted it to enter the right front, but that 6 gauge wire doesn't bend very easily.

@baggerjay How long did you have to wait for your crown epic? Iím thinking of ordering one.

We just placed an order for a Marquis Crown Epic. Our dealer does not do any electrical work. We built a new home in 2019. We have a large covered back porch on an 8 inch concrete pad that is nice and level. All panels rated at 225 amp service.
The rear walls are all stucco. So I'm thinking about running the conduit along the foundation from the closest main panel and pole mounting it the required 5-6 feet from the SPA. My only issue is conduit would then be run from sub-panel on top of the slab to the tub.

Would anyone have any pictures or suggestions of how your electrical panel/conduit and or cutoff was installed on a similar concrete pad setup?.


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