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Noise Pump at low speed
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:30:40 am »

I purchased a new Jacuzzi Soul Play hot tub in April. The unit was delivered and setup with 220V 40A service. From the very beginning I have had problems. Here is the list from order of importance. Seeking advice from the members of this forum:

  • At low speed, pump makes a very loud noise. Upon inspection, I noticed that there is a gasket on the shaft the connects the pump to the water end. I reported the problem to the place that sold me the unit and is servicing it. They initially said this was normal, but it's not. I can't sleep at night as we can hear the vibration noise all the way up out house on the second level. They have since placed a replacement order with Jacuzzi and they are telling me it will be June 7, 2021 before a new one is shipped to them in Maryland. My unit is using a Balboa Water Group, Part Number 1016295 (115V, 60Hz, 11.5/2.2 Amps, 1.15HP, 2 Speed).
  • The side panels were cut incorrectly and they bow out from the sides. They have four screws that hold them in place on the bottom. The sides are open enough that I can see the inside. They ordered replacement ones, and they arrived only to find out they were cut too short! They seem wide enough but are at least one row short!
  • The model was sold to me with matching stairs with storage, hand rail and cover lifter. These were not delivered when they brought the hot tub. I still don't have an ETA as to when the $600 option that I was forced to accept will be delivered.
  • I just got off the phone with Jacuzzi and they basically told me "You purchased the hot tub from a dealer. There is nothing we can do to support you. Deal with them!"

I'm at a loss as how a name brand like this would treat customers this way.

What advice would you offer? Have any of you faced the same? Do I drain the hot tub and wait for the replacement pump? Do I fight with my dealer to take this one back and order a brand new one?

I was so looking forward to this hot tub and enjoying the experience ... it has not been good so far.



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Noise Pump at low speed
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:30:40 am »


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