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Crown Summit Pricing


Hey all, I looked at the Summit today. Beautiful tub and absolutely thinking of pulling the trigger on this one. Quoted price was $16.5k paying with cash with the standard inclusions (cover, lifter, etc). This does not include Micro Silk. I'm in Northern California. I'm assuming they have some room to work on this price but it's so hard to know when everything seems to be in such high demand.

Thank you
- Alex

I ended up pulling the trigger on the Summit. Paid $13,700 cash for the tub, cover and lifter. I did NOT opt for the Jewel lights or the MicroSilk. I don't take delivery until October but will try to remember to come back here and post pics when I do. Thank you to all the pro's on here that provided info in various threads to help in my decision process.

That spa should be $20,000+. Have no idea how they sold it for that price.


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