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Author Topic: FLO error on SunDance 850 - looks like flow is too weak to move the flow switch  (Read 593 times)


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I have a SunDance Exportations 850 i think the date is 2002 or 2004. 2 years ago the spa stopped heating. I replaced the heater but it didn't fix it.

I also have a FLO error, but the circulation pump seems to be working because i can feel the succion near the filter. So I opened the panel and took a look at the Flow Switch. I took the switch apart noticed it's still able to move in the "close" position. But when I connect it back to the tubing, the switch is not moving (yes it's installed correctly). It appears the flow is too weak to close the switch. I tried making the tubing tighter by holding it with grip pliers but it didn't change anything. I also did bled the air.

When I get the FLO error, the spa is still working (except the heater). The jets and bubbles are working.

I also tried shorting the switch but I get a FLO2 error.

Since the switch seems to be able to close itself when not connected to the tubing, it seems rather than a problem with the strength of the flow rather than the flow switch itself. So I doubt replacing the Flow Switch will fix my issue. Should I replace the pump instead? There is a pump close to the switch which is very hot to the touch, but there's not so much vibration so i'm not sure if it's still working. Can it be clogged? Should I drain the spa, remove the pump and clean it?

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Circulation pump is likely your issue. Is it the original pump?

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