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I was quoted $8500 for the Marquis Celebrity Hollywood (not elite) with 2 pumps, no sound system or lights, but does include set up, shipping, stairs, choice of acrylic colors, cover, etc.
Iím located in NM. Does this sound reasonable? It feels like the price is high.

Thanks for your help in advance.

We sell the same package for $1000+ more. Thatís a good deal. The standard Hollywood still has some nice LED lighting that will illuminate the entire tub, particularly if you go with a lighter shell color. Waterfalls also light up. It performs well, powerful 2 pump system, one of the most reliable tubs on the market.

We received a price a bit lower than that--but it was "on the truck" models coming in--not as much choice in acrylic, etc.  The Elite model was 2K higher. 

I saw others here mention they got it for $7000 or so and wonder why the big difference. Could it be the 1 pump system? Or like EJJ said, a floor model?

Look at when those tubs were purchased as well. Prices have gone up in the last 6 months (2 price increases from Marquis) and freight has been going up a lot lately as well


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