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Freshwater Salt Cartridge Lifespan Experiences

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Hello fellow hot tubbers.  My new Caldera from Oct 2020 has been burning through Salt cartridges every 6 weeks since new.  Read through some posts and see some fellow Hot Springs/Caldera owners are experiencing similar problems.  Was wanting to hear some feedback from owners of the Freshwater Salt Systems that may have not experienced early cartridge failure, so we all know your out there, and/or what you've done to mitigate the problem and extend the life of the cartridge's.

Our dealer is discounting the cartridges for those who are having short lifespans but I'd rather not replace these things every other month if possible.  Testing for phosphates this week and will post an update in a few weeks.

I will start with Iím a dealer of Caldera. I have that system on my own tub and have been getting at a minimum 4 months out of cartridges most of the time closer to 6 months on my own tub. That being said I did have a run of cartridges that my customers were buying that were failing prematurely. On the cartridges you have is the clip on them black or grey?  The piece you push in to put the cartridge in the holder?  The newer ones are grey and they supposedly are a fix to that problem. I was swapping out the cartridges that failed quick for new ones and sent them back to Watkins for testing. I mailed In mid January and havenít heard anything about them yet.

The original one that was installed at delivery has a black clip/button, I kept it. I bought a year supply of 3 in a box when I bought the tub and those are Grey including the one in the tub currently.  My current cartridge was installed around Dec 20th and today just went from 12'oclock/2'oclock position to 7oclock right in the yellow.  Last time that happened the tub stopped generating chlorine and the system went inactive about 2 weeks later.  I'm guessing a new cartridge will need to go in within a week or two.  I'm have a Tahetian model and I shock the tub once a week with oxidizer and add chlorine manually usually once a week when the chlorine levels drop to 1 or less for more than a day or two.  I need to keep output at 10 to maintain 3 ppm most of the time.

Is your dealer replacing the cartridges?  Are you on the same batch of three?  Did the original one last longer?  Why 10 for a output?  I could see the cartridges not lasting long if they were kept at a 10 all the time. I have a Geneva and keep my setting much lower but I do have ozone on my tub. Customers that donít have ozone I usually have them keep setting on a Tahitian to a level 6-7 and it maintains a chlorine level.

Mine that have been failing have the gray button.


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