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Author Topic: Tiger River Sumatran power issues  (Read 420 times)


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Tiger River Sumatran power issues
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:11:33 pm »
Hi everyone, new here.


I have a Tiger River Sumatran, 2008 vintage i think, been having heater or control board issues lately.  About a year ago my heater went out, or so i thought.  Bought a Watkins with a upper limit switch, it died possibly,  last October, bought another one with out the limit switch, cause i didnt want to fork out another $500.  This one "lasted" till last week.

Now i am thinking these Chinese Watkins heaters cant be that bad, so i bought another, it "lasted" a week.  Now i am thinking its something else.

it heats good, almost too good, the last one and the one before would get the water really hot, hotter than 104 degrees, i didnt test the temp, but it was way hotter than i ever remember.

The last two also started tripping the beaker and shutting the hot tub off when you would turn the jets on.  WHen this happened the heater light would go out. 

When this happens the breaker cannot be reset for a while, i didnt time it, but when you hit the reset button it clicks on and off, the last time i waited about 2 hrs and plugged it back in and it stayed on till i tried troubleshooting and it shut off again when i turned the jets on. 

I tried disconnecting the heater to test it, but when i took the three wires off the panel and plugged it back in, it still didnt turn on. 

the next day i plugged it back in to see what happens, now it just keeps tripping the breaker.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Tiger River Sumatran power issues
« on: January 28, 2021, 08:11:33 pm »


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