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Crown series or Vector?

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Hi guys,

This will be out first hot tub. So I'm not sure if we should spend the exrta and get the tub with everything we want, or just get  cheaper vector 84 or 94. We both really like the look of the crown epic, and the euphoria. For the people that know about tubs, which way would you go? Also, is microsilk worth the extra $2000? Again, not sure we need it, but would hate to buy a tub and then a year later wish I bought it. I want this tub to be as much about hydrotherapy as for relaxation.

Thanks for the expert opinions.

Thatís a hard question to answer.  The Vector21 and Crown Series will both be great for therapy, with a slight advantage to the Crown Series.  I think it just comes down to what youíre comfortable spending. 

Iíve personally sold a lot of MicroSilk over the last 5 years, and everyone Iíve spoke to after theyíve had it for awhile really seems to like it.  Iíve yet to hear someone say that they wish they wouldnít have bought it.

Whether itís a Vector21 or Crown, I think youíll be happy with the therapy, quality, and longevity of a Marquis.

Thank you Markee. I guess it really comes down to how much we want to spend. As a first time owner I'm concerned we may use it for the first while and  then not use it much. It's hard to decide if we should spend a little or a lot at this point.

We finally got our tub on Tues. We are a very happy customers. I decided on the crown epic. I was a littel concerned as I could even sit in one before ordering. I have wide shoulders, and most tubs I sat in felt very tight. The Jacuzzi J485 was the one I was comparing to, and I fit well in it. I felt the deal on the Epic was far better. I love the new valves and the ability to control the flow to each seat.


New here but am reading a bunch of helpful threads.

I'm in the same boat as OP here - looking to secure a tub ASAP and though I haven't seen one in person yet (no stock locally), am intrigued by the euphoria (maybe summit) and the Vector v94.  Am keen a layout where 4 people can sit facing and not have to work around a lounge, strong jets, good quality/warranty and of late. really intrigued by Microsilk.

For what its worth, seeing 3-4k CAD price difference in upgrade from Vector to Crown (toronto area) and seems few dealers do stocking orders with Microsilk installed - all seem to like it, but for stocking probably easier to move without a 2k option installed that not all customers want.

The v94 I'll hopefully see this month, but it seems very boxy - even the youtube ads refer to its spaceship qualities.  I wonder if it's as comfortable ergonimically as the Crown series?  I'll certainly try and wet test both, but am worried to make my dates I'll have to order before I can see one which sucks a bit.

First world problems I know ;-), but big dough and crappy timing.


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