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WOOT! New Cal Spas hot tub finally!


So I started this latest adventure back in August when lightning killed my hot tub! Insurance is covering it so I thought no big deal go get another. I didn't realize this Covid thing would evaporate all the hot tubs off planet earth! DANG! So my search began, we have had hot tubs for the last 30 years or so and I was having major withdrawal pains! All the showrooms were pretty much empty, I noticed an add for a hot tub show with a minimum of 30 hot tubs on the floor.. we got there the first day and every single hot tub had a sold sign on it but you could order one for 6-9 months out delivery.. WHAT A SCAM!!
Finally found a place up in Charlotte that had a Artesian Captiva on the floor for sale, we shot up there to have a look. Looked ok, maybe a bit small, it was full of cold water so we could not get in even a dry test. We bought it, delivery in a week and a half... Huge mistake.. seats were so tight and confining no wonder they call tit the Captiva! But (luckily) it was a lemon and we had nothing but problems from day one, after the repair guys 3rd trip out they decided they would let us return it for a full refund minus the $75 out of area delivery charge.. YAY and Kudos to the store for doing so.
Finally found a Cal Spas Cancun that we liked and ordered it... maybe by the end of the year delivery, dang! Bought one of those inflatable Colman hot tubs to hold us over...

Sorry bout the long story.. BUT.. finally got our new tub delivered 2 days ago and I'm stoked!! Everything I wanted it to be and more!! Seems I cant post pics here without a third party picture host so I made a little U-Tube video to show it off...


So update on this guy, its been 9 months since it was delivered and all I can say is YAY! What a great tub and what a great size, sure glad we went with the larger sized tub. Again 9 months and no problems with it at all!! Got the water all balanced so its easy peasy to take care of without the multitude of chemicals the pool/spa stores always try to sell you. Love my Cal Spa Cancun!


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