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I am being quoted $12,899 for a Crown Collection Epic tub. This includes the LED package and the cover lift. I will be adding the microsilk option, which brings the total price to $14,899. Does this seem reasonable or is there room to get the price down? Thank you for your help!

I think thatís a very aggressive price your dealer is giving you. The crown series tubs look great but also the most expensive tub Iíve ever seen from a wholesale price to us dealers. You are paying quite a bit less at wherever you are shopping versus what I would charge for that tub. Before Microsilk my price is higher on that tub then you are paying with microsilk. That being said it canít hurt to try and get a better pricing but Iím betting heís at bottom dollar on that tub

Thank you for your help Hottubguy- what do you typically charge for the wifi upgrade? I asked if they would include on the $14,899 price. They said they would do the Crown Series Epic hot tub with Microsilk, LED lights, cover lift, steps, and wifi for $14,999. Thanks again for your help!

They sold it to you for less then they paid for it.....I havenít sold one in years. Didnít have great luck with them but it looks like itís a new one for the crown series. Probably $300-$400 something like that.

Donít know how they are selling it for that cheap, we are well over $20K with those options where I am at.


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