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Marquis Broadway elite two pump option?


Hello All, We are buying our first hot tub and have decided to go with the Broadway Elite. Most of the time it will be just two of us in the tub with an occasional guest. The dealer seemed to think that one pump would be enough but I would hate to be disappointed in the power of the jets and we were not able to wet test it.  Is anyone knowledgeable about this option?  Would you recommend upgrading to two pumps?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Hi there. I just got a new Marquis Spirit Monday. The Spirit is a bit smaller (three seater) but has a few more jets (32 instead of 30) than the Broadway. The Spirit only comes with one pump and I got the upgrade to 160GPM which is the pump size on the Broadway. So pretty similar setups I would say comparing a Spirit with pump upgrade to single pump Broadway.

If you like really strong jets, you will probably want 2 pumps. My wife and I don't like really strong jets so we are happy with ours. When I'm in alone and in the lounger though, I'm turning off every other jet in the spa and getting about the force I like and I could stand a bit more. When the wife is in and another seat's jets are on, the lounger is getting a bit weak. If I open up everything, it's even weaker and I would image anyone liking strong jets would be disappointed.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. That will help us decide. The dealer said we wouldn't get the tub until May! How long did you have to wait?

Ordered mine June 15th and got it November 9th. However from another post it seems it has become much longer wait, possibly a year or more for some Marquis spas. See the "Spirit Pricing" thread just below this. I asked just before I got mine how long it's been taking and one dealer said current orders may be Feb 2022, or over one year.

You got yours just in time JDD. I checked on a couple orders today. My tubs that went in on 6/2 are projected to ship around 11/30, my tubs I ordered two weeks later are projected to ship
In February 😲. Crazy times for sure. Glad I carry a few brands!


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