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Many questions on the Celebrity Monaco!

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I've been looking for WAY too long. I had sort of planned on a Nordic Encore or Stella just because of budget, and reliability.  But Nordic dealer is 100 miles away.   Local dealer carries Aspen and Marquis.   I would rather, in theory, deal with our local seller, but their hours are very short (about 5 hours a day, weekdays only, so I'll have to take off of work to see them.)

Based on what i can glean, the Marquis Celebrity line is the only Marquis line in my budget.  But the Monaco ticks the boxes (in theory).  It has a lounger, and is a deeper tub. I only need to accommodate 2.

There's no Marquis Celebrity Monaco on the floor at our local sellers, (another reason I'm asking here rather than taking off work to go there) but I have a few questions.

Is the full 36 inches of height actually utilized?  (I'm 6'5.) 
Is the lounge long enough for my height?
How is hydrotherapy in the celebrity line? 
About what is lead time right now for that particular tub?  Even the Marquis website says "limited stock".  I don't mind waiting a bit, but how bad is it out there? 
Finally: The only published information I can find places the Celebrity Monaco in the 6k range price wise.  I would want the 230 electrical, which may be a separate upgrade.  Can I get into this tub with cover, steps, and chemicals for about the same investment as a Nordic?  Or am I playing in a different league?

I sell both but havenít seen a Monaco in person yet. No the full 36Ē arenít all being utilized. Maybe from footwell up but not in seats. Would you upgrade to the 240 volt pump or stay with 110 version?  Which version on Emcore and Stella were you looking at 110, MS, SE or LS (encore only). Just trying to compare what power would be in the other tubs you are considering. Price wise it should be similar to a Encore SE price wise. Would think a bit more then 6k. Maybe closer to 7k which is about what Iím at on a encore SE. Check to see if your dealer has one on order. Right now Marquis is into February of 2022 on new orders. Nordic is January of 2022 for new orders. Figure out which each dealer has on inventory on order. Nordic and Marquis give projected dates of completion when ordered. So far Nordic has done a better job as far as what they quote for time frame versus what it has been. Nordic is hitting there dates give or take a couple of days.

Just saw you would do 240 volt upgrade in Monaco. Power wise it would probably be about the same or a little better then the Encore SE and about the same as Stella SE.

I really appreciate your help!  It's tough not being able to see one, but the way the market is now I don't know if I'll get to.

Definitely prefer the better power and for sure stronger heating options in 240.  I was looking at Encore LS at $6500 delivered (which added a couple hundred at 100 miles away) Dealer has those on order, and I might (hoping) be able to get into one by end of the year.

I'll have to call local store back and see if they have anything coming in that's not already spoken for.  This might just not be the right time for me to be shopping.  But the long, socially-distanced winter sure sounds like more fun with a hot tub.

LS at $6500 is very good value for that tub. Especially if he has them coming in sooner then later. I have my next truck of 17 Nordics coming in December and 16 are sold. 17 more in February and 9 of those are already sold. Crazy times thatís for sure.


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