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I think I have settled on the Marquis Epic from the Signature Series.  My shell color preferences are Alba and Cameo, but I can't seem to find photos that accurately depict what these colors will look like in an actual tub.  (I have done all kinds of Google searches, but in most cases the colors are not indicated so I don't know if I'm looking at Alba or Cameo)

Unfortunately my dealer did not have a color sample of Alba.  I saw a color sample of Cameo, but it seemed much more white in color than it appeared in a Spirit model they previously had in the showroom.  It seems to me that Cameo may be more reflective of surrounding colors, as it had a yellow appearance to me, possibly from the yellow wall next to it in the showroom.  Unfortunately was not at the point where I was trying to make a decision on color, and that tub has since been sold and is no longer there to view. 

Does anyone know of where I can find accurate photos of these color options?

Separately, I can't seem to find any pictures or videos that show the standard lighting so I can determine if I want to upgrade to constellation lights. 

If I remember correctly, Alba and Cameo are similar in color but Cameo is textured where Alba is smooth.  The standard lighting isn't much.  I think it is just the LED waterfalls, LED lights behind the filters and a main LED light.  Constellation will get you the waterline lights and I believe exterior corner lights too.

Thanks.  Although I like the textured aspect of the Cameo (I assume it is better for preventing slippage getting in/out), Cameo seems to look different in any picture I'm able to find of it.  The sample I saw looked pearly white, but I've seen pictures where it appears more of a gold color like Alba. 

Cameo has been discontinued, so Alba will be your only option.  Here is a picture I found on the internet of a Marquis in Alba:

Thanks, I've seen that picture and since it is labeled Alba.  That is the color I am favoring over something more white.  But they also have one on that site that is labeled Cameo that looks very close to the Alba picture and vastly different from the sample I've seen.  If Cameo were truly closer to the color of Alba, just textured, I think I'd prefer that.  But if it actually is more of a white color like the sample I saw and merely takes on a different color in different lighting, I think I'd favor Alba. 

My dealer said he has existing orders in the pipeline for both colors. 

Do you know what color is the one shown in the Marquis Signature Series brochure for all the top views of the tubs?  That is the color I like. 


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