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Why is there no chlorine reading in my salt tub?

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I got a Hot Spring salt tub about a month ago.  I was told it might take a few days to a week for the salt generator to start generating chlorine.  Whenever I dip the test strip there is zero chlorine.  If I don't add chlorine I never get a reading.  What's going on?  Is the chlorine created by the salt generator so low that you never get a reading?

What model? What is your setting? Has your water been tested for phosphates?

I have a similar issue, although I don't sweat it too much. I add a small amount of chlorine every few days or so. As long as the water stays clear (it does) I'm happy.

I'm having the exact issue. Just got my spa a few days ago, so naturally have been using it a lot. If I don't add chlorine granules after use I get a zero reading. I've had the setting at 10 since day 1 and added 4 tablespoons of granulars first day. Have had to add 1-2 tablespoons every day since. 

Also - my salt system says OK when I test it but the meter shows in the yellow on the left. Dealer has told me as long as the system says OK DO NOT add any more salt until I drain and refill next year.  My question is how do these systems work? The two water tests my dealer gave (3 days a part) me both said to add 3 additional cups of salt (I added 4 initially on their recommendation). Dealer told me to ignore the printout and go by what the tub indicator is telling me. They said all that matters is that it says Salt System OK.  They also told me to keep the salt chlorine meter at 10 for the first 10 days. I would think with a little more salt the system would have an easier time producing chlorine? The book also recommends to add more salt. Basically my dealer strongly suggests and contradicts the water test read out recommendation and the book recommendation.  And my chlorine output is non-existent. Confused as heck but adding a tablespoon of granules isn't a big deal. Dealer told me I shouldn't even worry about it as long as my water is clear (which in this short time it is even with heavy use).

Which tub do you have?  having to add 3 additional cups is a lot considering even the biggest Hot Spring or Caldera only requires 9-10 cups.  I would want the salt indicator in the green, if you are in the left yellow, its borderline low.  I would maybe add a 1/2 cup at a time until you get into the green. 

If the usage is heavy and you started using the hot tub the day it heated up the salt system didn't get sufficient time to initially disinfect the water which is likely why the no chlorine reading.  If you were also using ozone with the salt system, that would be why too.  If your usage is going to continue and be high I would consider switching to liquid chlorine.  If you continue to use chlorine granules your CYA is going to increase and it will reach a point which will require a drain and refill.  You should not have to add chlorine with every use.

Also, have your dealer test for phosphates.  High phosphates can consume the chlorine in the water so if they are present, removing them will allow the salt system to work a lot more efficient.


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