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Finally, all done: 


We have similar tastes. We just ordered a Grandee a little over a week ago. Site prep is underway with forming and pour scheduled for next week. We are also doing stamped concrete and our pattern and colors is similar to yours. Can't wait!

Couple questions for you. Any issues or things to watch out for on the stamped concrete process? I've heard it's pretty messy when they throw the colors. We're doing a fairly large pour, somewhere close to 1100sqft.

Also, it looks like you bought the Highwood 48in steps. We have the same one's on order in black. How are you liking them? Was disappointed that Hot Spring doesn't make a matching step for our cabinet color (Shale), but I'm hopeful those Highwood steps are worthy and like the looks.

Thanks for sharing and hope you're enjoying your new tub!

Hmmm, it looks like maybe those are NOT the Highwood steps. May I ask what they are and where you got them? Wondering if there are other colors.

Hey billymac,
Sorry, I canít answer your question about the stamped concrete.  Ours is actually marble pavers in a French layout...I think they called the pattern.  Wish I could help out on the stamped concrete.  Several of my neighbors have it and it looks great.  We had a small area so we went with the real stuff. If it had been more we wouldnít have.  It already has some staining so concrete may have been a wiser choice.
In regards to the steps, itís a local company out of Dallas that my hot tub supplier uses instead of the Hot Spring branded steps.  Iím sure they are cheaper for the company than the ďrealĒ ones by Hot Spring, but they are really sturdy.  I just really wanted the matching everwood steps.  Let me know if you still want the info on them and I can try to find out more info??  Just keep in mind they are real wood and likely will need paint upkeep over time.  Good luck with everything!

That's a nice setup.  The wider steps framed in by the planters and the extra "pavers" are a nice touch.


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