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Hi, new member here. Looking at getting first hot tub. Pretty set on a Marquis Spirit with the upgraded pump and Microsilk options. The dealer includes decent steps, a cover lifter, electrical hook-up and a few months worth of chemicals. The quoted price for all that was $9,540. That was quite a bit more than I was expecting to pay for a spa of this size. Is that price a good deal? Room for negotiating? Does paying by check entice dealers to lower price any versus financing through them?

Welcome to the forum.  I haven't priced hottubs since 2012, but that seems a little high for  a 3 person tub. Hopefully others may have more recent experience.

If your dealer is including the 220V electrical service in that price, then I think it is very fair.  I haven't sold Marquis since last year, but from what I can remember, I was close to $10k for a Spirit with Microsilk.  You can always try to negotiate and yes, cash or check will always yield you the best price, but don't be surprised if they are firm on price.

If anything that price is on the low side when you include Microsilk. Thatís about a 2k option on its own. I sold one without Microsilk or electrical a couple days ago for almost that same price. Is the dealer doing all the electrical work or just the hookup?

The microsilk option is expensive and there is a lot of debate about it's worthiness.  If you're on a tight budget consider dropping that option to open up your choices a little more.


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