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Author Topic: Jacuzzi - Is "Prolink" subscription required for basic remote control by app?  (Read 2082 times)

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I've got a Jacuzzi J-575 coming soon. One of the bells and whistle features I've been looking forward to (but was never a dealbreaker kind of feature) is the "ProLink" app that allows you to use your phone/device as a remote for temp control, filter schedule, etc.  I never read much about it until today and was unpleasantly surprised to discover it's a subscription-based service. The first year comes free with the spa, then $60/year after that.

Apparently, part of the ProLink service besides basic remote control is some monitoring of the spa status, which emails you and a "preferred" dealer when stuff happens - system errors/faults, etc.  Frankly, this aspect of the service doesn't appeal to me, since I don't really want a dealer calling me every time the countdown timer on the clearray bulb says it's time for a new one. I want service when I'm ready to call for it, not calling me and paying $60/year for that "perk". (I had to really dig to even find out the rate.)

So, my question for any Jacuzzi dealers out there, or owners if you know, is whether the ProLink features are all or nothing. If I can have basic remote control with the app without registering and paying to stay "connected" to a dealer, that's totally fine by me.  If it's all or nothing, I guess I'll just make do with only being able to control things from the panels. That's a pretty 1st-world problem as problems go, but it would feel a bit bait-and-switchy to have all the marketing present a neat feature as "included" when it really costs extra and entails an ongoing service arrangement beyond remote control that you may not even want.

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Sorry to bump an old thread - but I'm curious about this as well. What all is configurable within ProLink?

Call me a cynic, but I don't like the idea of any connected devices in my home calling out to a salesman at every opportunity :-)

I really just want to be able to view/maintain temperature remotely, and to be able to control jets/lights/etc from a remote device. The NXT line of Hot Spring tubs have that nice floating water-proof remote, and it's a bummer that Jacuzzi does not have an answer for that, other than using a mobile phone.

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