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Author Topic: Circulation, recirculation pump 24/7 or set to "rest" a couple times a day  (Read 231 times)


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[New Artesian Island Elite spa]

The spa is default to continuous 24hr circulation for heat and filtering.  I understand pump on/off is more wear & tear on pump.  But so is running 24/7.  24/7 is also continual power use.  Is continual operation more efficient (ie lower heater setting over longer duration - also saving on heater element life) or???

How to determine the Optimum Circulation Pump Setting (Captiva Elite for 2 ppl).  Default is 12+12 hrs (24hrs 7 days a week) - always on.  Seems like for warmer months 8 and 8 with two 4hr breaks (or perhaps even 6 and 6) would extend pump life with nominal effect on heating and filtering.   During Winter I would bump up or reset the circulation pump to run longer or continuous (12+12) to allow continual low level heating.  Looking for optimum power efficiency and pump life.

Welcome all Thoughts and input!

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I recommend keeping it 24/7.  Your ozone or UVC system is only operating when the pump is.  Those pumps are designed to run constantly and use very little energy. 

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