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Just moved In to my new house to find that there is a Hot Tub in the Garden.
Sadly no instructions.
It looks like it has a GD-3003 controller (Chinese origin) which is now obsolete.
Can anyone help me with some instruction, user guide, servicing etc
I'd be very grateful.

Dr. Spa™ Ret.:
Need picture of the control (spa side) panel.

Thanks for the reply Doc,
I managed to purchase a replacement Topside. It looks like my Tub is a Chinese Import called Whirlpool.
I filled the Tub and found that the pumps run OK. The heater comes on when selected.
Can't find the 'System Time setting Key'
I sure could use the 'Set-up' and 'Install' instructions for this Tub.


It may be possible that you don't have time, my tub doesn't ... it has a way of telling time but not the time itself. My controller can start the pumps 12 hours apart and you can program how long you want the ozonator to run (0-12 hours) and at 0 it keeps the pump off as well.

Hello All !

I am in the same situation. Moved to a house, owner left there a hot tup, without any user guide /manual.
Could you pls share yours ? Control panel seems to be chinese GD-3003

Thank you in advance !


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