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Vortex spas My experience good bad and ugly? Please read and respond

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There's a hundred brands like vortex around. They all provide crappy delivery, no or very little service, no history of energy efficiency, no reputation for reliability or longevity, and a cheaper price. You get what you pay for.

Whenever I visited hot tub dealers, none of them bashed other brands or dealers. None of them even bashed the Master Spa dealer I told them I had visited.  I find it incredible that anyone who has been through this is still willing to let Vortex try and make it right.  Fool me once...

So it's winter and below freezing and you have a problem that puts your tub out of commission. You call Vortex and yes you are covered under warranty. You new parts are on the way. They will find a service guy (like me) in your area. Or do you buy your own parts and pay for your own service and rely on them to reimburse you? The check is on it's way.


--- Quote from: Tman122 on January 26, 2015, 07:28:43 pm ---Your probably going to wonder why all I got out of your post is, what makes you think you got a "excellent price" on a hot tub?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure i guess i checked a couple local stores, so to me it is a good price just didn't come with a hottub (yet?)


I agree with you on the quality issue and I am just a consumer too, it is hard to sort out all the reviews

I made my post as accurate as possible, I understand how shipping can go wrong and I'm ok with that, my timeline and expenses have been pushed back too.

What I really hope to get out of this is a hottub that I can write a review on.


I get the service side too and understand your frustrations with vortex but gecko parts are widely available and pumps are pretty simple to me. If I get my tub I will be sure to critique it quiet well. (I`m also sure there is a lemon in every manufacturers lineup)

Does anyone have a vortex tub here that they have had a good experience with


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