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Sundance Optima Spa Trips GFI Circuit Breaker - Need Advice


I have a 2004 Sundance 8500 series Optima spa that is tripping the GFI circuit breaker as soon as power is turned on to the spa.  Earlier this year, I diagnosed a similar problem where the GFI would trip intermittently  which was found to be a bad temp sensor (located in the filter basket area) which I replaced and the spa worked fine.  Yesterday, the GFI started tripping instantly as soon as power was sent to the spa.  From the research I did, I tried disconnecting the low voltage harness to the radio/CD player and also the heater unit (red and black wire) and retested it but the GFI still tripped as soon as the power was turned on even with these components removed from the system. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions?  I live in the Chicago area and fortunately, we have been having above freezing temperatures but my time is limited to test and repair the problem before it gets down to freezing temps and the Christmas holiday is in several days which will delay receiving any parts I order to fix the problem.  My plan B is to drain the tub for the winter and worry about this in the Spring which I want to avoid doing as I will not be able to use the spa during the time I enjoy it the most.  If I need to take this action, would like some advice on how to make sure all water is out of the freeze-sensitive areas when draining.

Thanks,  Rick


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