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breaker keeps jumping


The GFI breaker has  recently has been jumping lately.  Whenever the heater kicks in a few minutes later the breaker jumps and one if the leads coming from the breaker gets hot and smokes a little. Here is a picture of the lead .  I tested the breaker with a volt meter.  117 volts from each hot lead to ground and 234 from hot lead to hot lead so it appears to be working properly. I checked all the wiring for shorts and no luck.  I also poked around the wiring looking for one the may be hot which was not the case. I even pulled the filter figuring that maybe the pump was working to hard. Any ideas for trouble shooting?

So I replaced the breaker with a 40amp breaker as specified in the manual. Ran it for about 6 hours with no problems or any wires getting hot.

If you replaced it with a 40 amp breaker what size GFI breaker were you using before?


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