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I had a miserable experience with this company and would like to inform others so they may not have to go through the same experience.  I paid Vortex in Quebec, Canada ( to ship a swim spa to my residence in California on February 8th, 2014.  I was told it would arrive at my home in 6 weeks, March 17th.  I paid the balance on March 17th and received nothing but excuses up until May 8th when I finally had to start a "dispute" case with my credit card company.  This "company," I think there is only one representative in all, kept my over $15,000 for 3 months with no pool to show for it.  My credit card company fully refunded me and today May 12, 2014 there is still no refund from Vortex as promised.  Nothing but empty and miserable promises from this company and a lot of frustration!  I would recommend additional research when purchasing a swim spa, although the price was good, the customer service was pathetic...nothing but excuses...I should have ended it a lot sooner.

Ryan VSO:
Miss Lucas ,

your Swim spa is still under custum hold just like many custumers in your situation , some has choose to be refunded and some still wait . For you refund , I would suggest you to contact your credit card issuer to have the proper information as we already refunded the purchase weeks ago .

best regards ,


You still have not refunded my money!!! It is May 31, 2014.  If you don't keep to your word, I promise you I will make it a full priority to let anyone and everyone know how you do business.  My credit card is CitiBank, a huge organization and they are still trying to get you to return my money.  Do the right thing, I paid for a pool I never received, you stated you would give me a full refund, yet I must dispute the charge with Citibank?  I should have never had to do any of refund my money!!!

Ryan VSO:
RE: refund
devorah lucasAdd to Contacts
Sat, May 31, 2014 at 11:45 pm
You send me 1. the proof that you refunded and 2. how Citibank deducted the amount out of your bank account and I will show it to them to confirm.  If it is as you say then I will post my apology!!!

Devorah Lucas, DBH RD CDE

Since we showed you that your credit card company made a mistake , we would like you to apology or edit your comment .



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