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How to display pictures on this board.


Forum Admin:
In order to upload pictures that will display on this forum you must use a 3rd party photo storage service.  We recommend Photobucket because it is the easiest to use.

Step 1:  Create an account.
Step 2:  Upload your pictures.
Step 3:  Select your "Library".
Step 4:  Drag your mouse over the top right of the picture you wish to upload to reveal a gear and a list of options.  Select "Share".
Step 5:  Select "Links" then select "IMG codes".
Step 6:  Paste the code into the content of your forum post here on WhatsTheBest-HotTub.com.

Topline Mike:
Here's some more info using photobucket.  Once you've uploaded your pictures, you can select one picture by left clicking on it.  On the right side, you will see the "links to share photo".  Move your mouse over the "IMG" block and left click once, and you will see a cloud that says "copied" appear.  Your picture link is now saved to your clipboard.  Now, as admin said, right click in the content of your forum post, and click "paste".  If you are adding several photos, I recommend hitting return twice after each photo is pasted to leave some space between each.  Picture below is what the screen will look like in photobucket.  You need two tabs opened on your internet page for this to go smoothly, one tab with this site and the other with photobucket.  Now get those pictures up! 

If you want to transfer a picture from ebay to your hard drive, click on the "enlarge" option for the picture then right click on the picture and left click the "save as" option and Windows will open a window to "my pictures" where the ebay image can be moved. This is useful for positing auction results.

Is there another way to post a pic without a third party hosting site?
 I closed my photobucket account (and lost ALL my pics) when they decided to sprawl their advertising all over all the pics.


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