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I bought a spa cover on ebay was charged 30 for delivery. after waiting Nd waiting I tried to talk to a manager and got no where. I even contacted Vortex spa New Zealand with no customer service. so I go on facebook and get told there are refunding my money because they screwed up on the shipping cost...... or I could just pay another 150bucks CON ARTISTS DO NOT BUY FROM HERE REAL BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Sorry to hear about your "Online" "Ebay" purchase...Online purchases can be frustrating...While online purchasing tends to be upfront convenient...It's when an issue or warranty situation arrives...You seem to never get ahold of someone that can help or even cares to help. I would never buy anything of serious monetary value ( Regardless of what the item is) on ebay or online for that matter. When I have an issue I want the ability to visit, discuss and feel confident in my purchase and know who I'm going to visit and talk to should a warranty situation arise. This is a personal opinion and maybe I'm old fashioned in regards to this topic but I know many here feel different.

Ryan VSO:
Geez Derek ,

Vortex dont sell covers to individual , spawold placed an order to us . Spaworld been trying to refund your money for more than a month and you keep refusing it . The Ebay ads stated free shipping in the province of quebec and 30 $ extra for Ontario . YOu live in Winnipeg  wich is on the west side of Canada , the shipping cost to Winnipeg is 250 $ and you paid 300 $ for your cover . Use your common sense please.

The best part is these guys will not let you talk to a manager or anybody above them. It almost seems like management doesn't care about their customer base. No one answers the phone when you call. at any number they have is goes to a voice mail. but you get email like its simple we dont ship to ur province but we took your money no problem hoping you would forget we took it. Bad Company to deal with. spa would is a branch of Vortex spa the main company in New Zealand has the same branches

I ordered a Vortex swim spa on January 28th. Prior to ordering I was told 5-6 weeks for delivery.  Here it is April and still no spa, so I have contested the charge to my credit card as there is no recourse after 60 days.  Most emails and phone calls are not answered.   I told Brian/Bryan when I order that the timing was of great importance as I am building an extension on my house that could not be completed until the delivery of the spa. Contractor ordered all the windows and doors and is upset that they have to store everthing, which were ordered to be delivered when spa was to arrive over a month ago.  Contractor has a ton of my money and I am without my addition and spa, other than the slab waiting for a spa.  Meanwhile 30,000 of my mine is out there floating around.  I have never had such a bad experience with a company that I spent 15,000 with.  Hopefully, credit card company is able to get my money back.

Not returning calls and emails on such an expensive item in unacceptable and not being truthful about delivery dates is beyond unacceptable.  Since I never received the spa I can't comment on quality.  This has caused so much chaos in my life that I spent an evening in the ER with chest pains.  So not worth it.  I hope that this will help someone else avoid a horrible experience as I have had.


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