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I'd probably go with a jacuzzi if money wasn't an be honest I did absolutely no research on higher end tubs..I walked into my local dealer hear on longisland he shied me an 18k jacuzzi that is priced on avg for 12k..and trust me a "total used car salesman"..believe it or not I could relatively easily afford a higher end spa but to me like I said the cost for the quality and bells and whistles didn't make sense to me..I almost went with a Nordic but my personal side by side clearly put the calspa was 2500 cheaper and actually seemed of better quality..keep in mind I also bought a spa from Costco for a summer house has treated me well so far also but it is winterized now..take a serious look at the spa I might actually agree it's not bad for its category ...oh and we are expecting like 4 inches of snow tmrw..I won't be on a lake but I will be pulling my kids around on our quad:)

Yes I am a licensed plumber, but I have been purchasing for 2 different contractors for the last 25 years. Because I do nothing but spend someone else's money it is easy for me to talk the talk when it comes to the used car salesman mentality that you speak of. I eat them for lunch because I do my research and have the experience to know as much or more than them when I purchase. We buy vehicles direct from manufacturers. We have direct ordering agreements with both GM and Ford. The company I work for is part of a national group of companies called API group. The group purchases about 1800 vehicles a year, hence the national agreement with GM/Ford. But I also negotiate national agreements with tool, welding and material suppliers. Makes dealing with used car salesman easy at work, and after work.

But I know what your saying. It's to bad you had that kind of experience at the Jacuzzi dealer. But it is NY.....LOL

Dimension One is my favorite brand, but that may change with the new ownership. I might be back to Marquis. And for 8 grand you can get a tub that will last for 20 years or more from either of those company's. And it will do a lot more than heat water and make bubbles for a lot less energy money.

We don't call them quads in Minnesota. Almost time for a new one for me. It's a 2005 but it's a Honda. I have an 2001 Rancher also.

ATV:)..that 2005 Honda has another 20 years in it..I have a 1984 atc 110 and 1973 z50 mini bike.. Still start on the pull and kick..but if you are considering a new one..take a look at canam I have a renegade and it's seriously a sick's 4x4 but it'll run with the top son has a Polaris 90cc it's 7 years old and still runs like new..

Yea the only way I would step away from Honda is Can am. Ive been lookin and test driving. But they are almost all 4WD here. Must have with our winters. Kinda liking the new Rancher 420 IRS AT. I'm not after speed. It has to be a work horse. I still see a few of those 110's around. Is it a Big Red?

No it's just called an atc 110..have it since brand new..I was 14:)..


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