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Bullfrog *51 questions
« on: October 20, 2012, 05:56:39 pm »
I'm still considering the Nordic Impulse DP, and think I'd be fine with it.  But I'm also looking at some of the Bullfrogs that I think I'd like better.

I've sat in a 251 dry and it was quite comfy.  I figure the 151 would be the same since it's basically the same tub.  Of the two best dealer options I have, the one 15 miles away says $6000+cover lift+steps, includes cover and delivery.  The place I like better says $5960 including cover, cover lift, steps, and delivery.  Normally that would be a no brainer, but the place I like better is 146 miles away.  If I go down a step to the 151 then local says $5200+jetpack+lift+steps vs $5120 for the place in UT.

Changing shape, locally the 151R would be $5800+jetpack+lift+steps vs $4750 from UT.  I didn't love the 151R when I sat in it dry.  There seemed be less legroom,  But as has been pointed out in another thread most people sit with their legs across the foot well not in it so that may not matter.

Basically if I'm staying local I'd be crazy to not go with the 251.  But if I'm willing to deal with the distance then I've got better pricing with more choices.  The local folks know that I'm talking to the Utah folks, and they don't seem to have bothered discounting any.  Which makes me think they're probably not interested in price matching, or even getting close.  But the 5 hour round trip drive to Utah kind of bothers me.  The local place has lots of negative reviews for the pool side of the business and 3 BBB complaints in the 3 years.  The place in Utah doesn't have any reviews and an A+ and no complaints with BBB.

Locally, they don't have a Bullfrog for wet testing - they've just got a Caldera and a Sundance.  That's not going to tell me anything about the lounge seat in the *51s.  Utah doesn't have a *51 for wet testing, but they have a 562.  How similar are the lounge seats between these two designs?

Anyone have any advice?

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Bullfrog *51 questions
« on: October 20, 2012, 05:56:39 pm »


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