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Wmccall's 2012 Sundance Majesta

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Those foot jets look like they must be amazing!

Just what I was thinking  ;)


--- Quote from: jonnyboy2807 on October 13, 2012, 12:34:25 am ---Those foot jets look like they must be amazing!

--- End quote ---

They are, and for me at 6'1 they double as great lower back, hip jets.  If I turn on pump #2 the diverter will move the power from the seat in the lower left of the pic to the foot jets and vice versa.  So when the diverter is all the way to the foot jets is strong going to just those two jets.  They can be varied slightly in direction. I can sit on the floor and have this hit my lower back/hips pretty easily.   Or if my wife and I sit in the corner seats on the left we each get one jet.

Now that its getting dark earlier I do like having the light as verification that the tub is powered up and working.

I've got a similar Jacuzzi logo light.  I check it all the time from my window.   8)


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