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Sundance Maxxus vs. Artic Spas KodiakSE

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I live in the suburbs of Chicago and I am trying to decide on a new tub.  I like the configuration of the Sundance Maxxus 880, but the guy at the Artic Spa dealer makes good points for the Kodiak SE.  He especially touts the Heatlock system vs. the full foam system as being more heat efficient, and with the full foam, it is very difficult to do maintenance  on them.  Does someone out there have an opinion about which spa is better?

Did anyone else hear that sound? I think it was a can of worms being opened......

Just kidding. I dont mean to downplay your question whatsoever, and I know just how frustrating it can be shopping for a tub and trying to filter out all of the conflicting info that you hear. Let me summarize what I think the overall answer to your question will be, and I'm sure others will chime in with details and specifics:

-Neither spa is "better". You have listed two well regarded, well-made tubs. You asked if anyone had an opinion if one was better. I'm sure they do, but......

-You MUST wet test a tub to decide which one is better for *you*
-The Arctic guy will tout his heat-lock system till he's blue in the face, and Sundance will tout something else the same way. Each company has it's flag to wave.

-Do a search on FF vs TP in the "dead horse" section. That will give you a sampling of how much this topic has gone 'round and 'round. (Arctic's heatlock is a little different, but the debate is the same.)

-Most people here will say that if you have narrowed your selection down to well made, well represented tubs (and you have) then pick the one that fits you, from a dealer that you want to work with, for the price you can afford, and dont sweat the details of pump HP, insulation, jet count, etc.

Good luck, take your time, and may you be up to your neck in hot water as soon as possible!

Brian, Anne could not have put that any better. I really don't think anyone needs to chime in after those perfectly spoken words.  :)


brianlocker, have you wet tested the Maxxus yet?  If not, do so at your first opportunity.  I, too, had the Maxxus on my list of potential spas, but after a wet test I was able to quickly eliminate it.  

If you're looking for an amazing foot (and even leg) massage I will offer that you can't beat the foot dome in the Maxxus.  It's my favorite thing about our Optima (which has the same footdome) and I couldn't be without it.  Also, I found the seats in the Optima (again, very similar to the Maxxus) much more comfortable than the Arctic.  As far as overall quality though, I'm sure you can't go wrong with either.  It should come down to which one feels best to you...


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