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Hot Springs Vista Vs. CalSpa Atlantic CA51

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Spaman, you asked how there is a $3000 price discrepancy.  (On another forum you compared it to the Sundance Cameo) So, here are some questions that, when answered, might help lead to that answer.

A couple of questions:

1)How much is the upcharge for aromatherapy and the LED lighting?

2)What is the 2" supercharge valve?

3)Is the lifetime warranty on the heater element itself or on the whole heater? Are there any exlusions in that heater warranty?

4)The website calls the pumps 6BHP, what is the actual rating on those pumps?

5)What size is the circulation pump? Is it included in the price?

6)Is the circulation pump run times programmable?

7)Does the spa include a waterfall? If yes, do you need one of the main pumps on to use that feature?

8)Does the spa use barbs on it's 3/4" lines, or does it just glue the flex pipe into the fittings?

9)In reading the warranty, it says that pump seals have no warranty on them. As well as covers. Do these have a separate warranty, or are they not covered at all?

10)Do the jets have bearings that could get clogged with sand?

11)What is the average cost for this tub with none of the added features?

One of the things I liked about the Cal Spa manual is that it lists the parts in the back. That is a good idea. I also like the wide variety of colors that Cal Spas offers


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