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Hot Springs Vista Vs. CalSpa Atlantic CA51

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I am debating between two hot tubs; the Hot Springs Vista and the CalSpa Atlantic CA51.

Are there any significant features that would make one better than the other?  Efficiency? Jets? Heater? Overall build qualty?  Company reputation?

Greg   8)

Forum Admin:

Seating Capacity: 5-6 Person
Dimensions: 93" x 93" x 39½"
Dry Weight: 900 lbs
Filled Weight: 4,648 lbs
Water Capacity: 450 gal
Control System: 5000 Smart Control Pack
Power Supply: 240V
* Heater: 5.5 kW XL Heat Exchanger
Lighting: 1 x 12V Large Light w/ Clear, Red, and Blue Lenses
Safety System: True Blue Safety Suction System
* Booster Pumps: 2 x 145-T Frame GE 6.0 BHP 240V Switchless Booster Pump
* Pumps: Eliminator Plus Wet Ends
Total Jets: 51
Jets: 3 x Storm Jets CXLW
 12 x Storm Jets CXW
 8 x Storm Jets SFW
 28 x Micro Flow Jets mfp
Jet Ring Trim: Standard Grey
Diverter Valves: 2 x 2" Comfort Diverter Valves
Air Control Valves: 4 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Pillows: 6 x Pillowsage Headrests
Plumbing: 2" Pipes
Filters: 150 ft² Bio-Clean Anti-Bacterial Filter
Intakes: 2
Bottom Drain: Standard
Shell: Quarite Acrylic
Shell Trim: Cal-Trim
Cabinet Frame: Pressure-Treated Wood
Cabinet Panel: Redwood
Bottom Tray: Standard
Cover: Standard
* Warranty: 10 x Years Structure
 5 x Years Finish
 5 x Years Parts
 5 x Years Labor

* International specifications may vary

6 adults
Dimensions 8' 4" x 7' 7" x 38"H/2.54m x 2.31m x .97m H
Water Capacity 500 gallons/1,893 litres
Weight 1,008 lbs./457 kg dry; 6,059 lbs./2,748 kg filled*
Spa Shell Colors
 •  Pearl  (photo)
 •  Spa Blue  (photo)
 •  Sand  (photo)
 •  Champagne Opal  (photo)  Corresponding Everwood® Cabinet
   Coastal Gray or Redwood
   Coastal Gray or Redwood
   Coastal Gray or Redwood

Light Extra large LED with Luminescence® 6-color System
Music Option SpAudio®-ready
Jets  (Total jets-47)

    Learn more about
    our exclusive jets... 1 Moto-Massage® DX Jet (2), 2 Soothing Seven® Jets,
2 JetStream® Jets, 2 Rotary Hydromassage Jets,
5 Directional Hydromassage Jets, 10 HydroStream™ Jets,
2 Rotary Precision® Jets, 22 Directional Precision® Jets
Water Feature BellaFontana™
Control System IQ 2020™ 230v/50 amp, 60 Hz
Includes G.F.C.I. protected subpanel
Heater No-Fault®, 4000w/230v
Jet Pump 1 Wavemaster® 9000; One-speed, 2.5 HP
Continuous Duty, 4.8 HP Breakdown Torque
Jet Pump 2 Wavemaster® 9200; Two-speed, 2.5 HP
Continuous Duty, 4.8 HP Breakdown Torque
Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000®
Effective Filtration Area 325 sq. ft., top loading, 100% no-bypass filtration (Tri-X®)
Vinyl Cover 3.5" to 2.5" tapered, 2 lb. density foam core

In case you hadn't looked at both on the same time. :D


--- Quote ---In case you hadn't looked at both on the same time. :D
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the specs, any opinions based on those specs, or from personal experience with either of these two products would be great!  8)


HS has a terrific reputation for waranty service.  CalSpa has a pretty bad reputation for warranty service.  There are some owners on here who have been pretty peeved at calspa.  You can also look the company up on  This includes a member here (forget his handle... was it yorag?) who claimed bait-n-switch on the calspa warranty.

HS is one of the most energy efficient tubs in the marketplace, and I have heard nothing to even suggest CalSpa is one of its competitors in this arena.  This also implies, to me, an engineering advantage.

Make sure you wet test each tub.  Number of jets and quality of jets are vastly different things.

Here are a few calspa threads from this forum:;action=display;num=1117758255;start=0;action=display;num=1116855759;start=2;action=display;num=1110992076;start=;action=display;num=1110338817;start=;action=display;num=1098488990;start=0;action=display;num=1122384508;start=

There is also a review section on this site.  Some of the cal spa tub reviews were recently removed because someone was artificially generating new, bogus reviews to change the "averages".;action=display;num=1122036604;start=

-Ed (HS owner)


--- Quote ---
Thanks for the specs, any opinions based on those specs, or from personal experience with either of these two products would be great!  8)

--- End quote ---

One observation, when we bought, one attribute that weighed heavily on my wife's mind was open seating vs more restrictive molded seating.  This turns out to be another one of those cases where she might have been right. At least with our tub, I find myself frequently not sitting exactly in one seat but between several to get the massage I want.

This is very subjective and probably varies from one user to another.  Another casual observation, even though it is the least used seat, I like the leg jets in my lounger.

Another observation, my tub has two pumps, one a single speed, and the other a dual speed.  If I was buying again, I might factor that it. Some tubs that have two or 3 pumps they are both/all dual speed pumps. That is a feature I think I would like to have. Its nice to run pumps on low once in awhile.   In looking at the specs, the HS has one single speed and one dual. I couldn't tell by the specs about the Cal.


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