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Hey Spaaman!

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I saw this "over there" and would love to hear your thoughts, if allowed.

"Besides speaking to spa customers in a steady and constant stream, Jim is preparing armor for his coming battle with Cal Spas. He is planning on posting a link to his court case for anyone who may be interested.

We had a very enjoyable journey to the LA criminal courthouse"


--- Quote ---"We had a very enjoyable journey to the LA criminal courthouse"
--- End quote ---

I wonder what its like to spend such a large part of your life in front of a judge. I guess I haven't lived but then again you don't have to check your pockets after I shake your hand.

Should we call Nancy Grace or Catherine Crier to cover it on Courttv??

LOL!   ;) ;D ;) ;D

It would have to be better than Michael Jackson!

Well I do know if your going to federal court you must do so with an attourney!You not only would be a fool to try and represent yourself but sure to lose as well.
I also know that it should play out to be very interresting!

Unless he's being dragged to small claims court, he'd be crazy to represent himself.  And it sure sounds like he's not going to small claims.  
There is a saying "He who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer".


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