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Re: Coast Spas
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The two side seats and the waterfall seat are the deeper seats in the spa with the remaining ones being shallower.  I will note that I don't personally consider any seat in the Phantom to be a real deep seat though.  Being that I don't have the Niagara on my floor, instead I have the Journey which is the same except without the vanishing edge, I am not sure of the price difference off hand.

I must admit that if you were a tall guy then chances are none of these negative edge spas would appeal to you, but that's the beauty of it, there always a spa out there to suit everyone. For me and my situation the Niagara is the ideal tub.

On a different point, why are Coast the only ones adopting the commerical pressurized filtration system and what's it's real benefit over the rest?

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Re: Coast Spas
« Reply #60 on: May 23, 2011, 02:46:50 am »


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