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New addition to the family! The baby's name is Jacuzzi :)

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Well...we have a new hot tub in my family.

My brother bought a Jacuzzi J-470 this week.

One Dallas dealer wanted: $12,400 + $1250 sound system = $13,650 total.
Dealer just outside of Dallas: $10,000 total with sound system.
Jacuzzi dealers is that a pretty fair price?
He already has doctors note that will mean no sales tax.

He will be placing tub in-ground. Here are the first few pics from the "vault"
being dug for the new tub. He has had an in-ground tub in Colorado for 15 years
so he knows about leaving access/ect. Also he is going to design and have
a "custom automatic draining system" placed on the tub. My brother loves
designing/building stuff, so he says he is going to have a "one button"
draining system where he will push one button and the tub will drain.
It's an idea he's wanted to do for years..finally he has the chance..we'll see
I will post more pics as the project moves forward.


I thought that ground looked somewhat familiar; we used to live in Austin 2.5 decades ago.  It was quite a change from the volcanic/flood sediments from the cascades and the Missoula floods here in the Pacific Northwest.

Looks like it'll be a fun baby!  Enjoy each phase, they go quickly.  Pretty soon it'll be bugging you for college money, or the equivalent thereof.

BNMac...yeah that Austin rock is something else. We are in Dallas,
but lots of it around here. He is having a pool put in too and most of the
pool companies did not want to give him a "fixed price" for the dig because
of the rock issues. So with business really slow for the pool companies he
did get one of the top pool companies to agree to a "fixed dig price".
The dig crew hit lots of rock and it's near zero lot line situation with creek
on backside with no big backhoe access. He is very happy he pressed for
the "fixed dig price".  ;)

The hot tub in-ground vault crete being poured....


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